Gift items

We exceed at offering a wonderful selection of handpicked gift items that beautify the home and pleases the eye.

We have a selection of pots, including from the Danish brands IB Laursen and B. Green. We also handpick out pots that we think are beautiful and will be good for plants.

The store and selection of products changes in rhythm with the seasons.


Plants and flowers

Plants make up a lot of the store.
Our plants are handpicked and we strive to offer beautiful and fresh plants. We also offer professional advice at choosing and handling plants and pots.

We always have a unique selection of seasonal flowers and branches. Much effort goes into picking out the selection depending on what we find most beautiful and freshest every time including flowers and branches we order ourselves.

We have bouquets ready in our store and also arrange bouquets and decorations on spot.
Customers can also order bouquets in advance by calling 5668215 or through

Viðskiptavinir geta einnig pantað blómvendi fyrirfram í síma 56668215 eða í gegnum



Ib Laursen’s spa and wellness series, Altum, is inspired by the tide revitalizing everything on its path in the Wadden Sea. This circle of life, occurring twice a day, is the entire idea behind the Altum series.

The main ingredients of the Altum series are the clean, natural, Nordic herbs like chamomile, sea buckthorn and rosehips, which will give you a genuine and authentic experience of wellbeing.
Products are available in 3 fragrances.
They come in stylish and beautiful packaging and will fit nicely into any home and bathrooms

Allar vörurna eru gerðar úr náttúrulegum jurtum, kamillu, hafþyrni og rósarberjum og eru án litarefna og paraben efna. Línan er fáanleg í þremur lyktum. Vörurnar eru í fallegum og stílhreinum umbúðum og fallegar inn á öll heimili og baðherbergi.